Are you planning on transforming your outdoor living and entertaining areas in 2019? Creating a more functional outdoor space is becoming more and more popular with Sydney homeowners, and it’s not just for those with a big backyard. As Sydney becomes full of more high density homes, taking a small space and transforming it into a beautiful outdoor living area for all your family and friends to enjoy is key to living a more fulfilled lifestyle.
And it’s not just for those long summer days, when designing your new outdoor space you need something that will be just as pleasing on those colder winter days as it is on those hot summer ones.

So what’s trending for 2019? Well if you ask the experts it’s all about creating zones. Creating separate zones in your outdoor space or garden will give all the family a special space to enjoy.
Having a big open plan garden is great, as you can watch the kitchen flow out to the outdoor entertaining area which joins onto your pool or garden space but imagine for a moment creating invisible walls which gives these features their own tranquil space to appreciate.

Decking and Entertaining Area is always the first thing people think of when it comes to making the most of your outdoor space. It should be a functional space with potential for built in seating, outdoor BBQ area. Plumbing and electrical is also key to making these spaces as functional as possible. Outdoor cooling and heating options are great. Convertible pergola or awnings which change with the seasons and can convert a play area into an entertainment area with a click of a button.

Water Features instantly bring you closer to nature, the sounds of running water can help you unwind after a long stressful day. The location of your water feature whether large or small should be considered carefully so that you are not only limited to something that looks good.
Give it the space it deserves, surround it by low maintenance plants that will sooth and calm you, and always consider built in seating or a grassed area that you can relax in while listening to the peaceful sounds of birds and running water.

Meditation Corner or a reading nook, how lovely it would be to be able to hide away in a part of the garden that will cater for some serious meditation or relaxation time. This is a wonderful option for a lot of families who need some down time.

Play Area for the kids is a must, if you are fortunate to have a big backyard then this is a simple inclusion, just remember to consider keeping the play area visible from the kitchen or other window so that the kids can play safely while you can keep an eye on them.  If you have a smaller space then you need to consider a space that you can convert from a play area into an entertainment area when you have guests over.

Swimming Pool or Spa Area should integrate seamlessly into the landscape. Appropriate fencing is paramount but it doesn’t need to be intrusive. Glass fencing panels are very popular and will not only keep the kids safe but will also add value to your overall outdoor design. A spa that is built into the decking area is also very popular, especially for those with limited space.

There are so many things to consider when building your new outdoor entertainment areas and decking space, so it’s worthwhile speaking to a professional company like Greenway Landscapes. Our experienced team will help you create an outdoor space that you have always dreamed of.